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Welcome to Love from Leyla. A space that will allow you to share your experiences while meeting new friends at the same life stage as you.

Whether you are experiencing fertility issues and want to know more about how to prepare your body for IVF treatments, have recently discovered you are pregnant with twins or a singleton and want to learn parenting plans that will ease your transition into your new role or are simply interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle with new recipes and fitness tips, you have come to the right place! Take the hassle out of scouring the internet for interesting articles and solutions to your problems, we have it here!

Here at Love from Leyla, we have developed a platform for you to not only enjoy premium content but the space to upload your own posts on the subjects that are close to your heart so you can join the discussion, share the products and places that you swear by and make new friends in a safe and positive environment.

If personalised solutions are what you’re looking for, Love from Leyla’s Coaching Service is a one-to-one system offering support and solutions. Simply book a session through our simple booking page and be contacted via Skype at the time that’s most convenient to you. Enjoy a relief to your stress after talking about your situation and look at ways to overcome the barriers you are experiencing with the right motivation and communication.

If your baby is suffering from reflux, we can discuss techniques to ease the pain and the correct medicine that will support recovery. If you are looking for personalised sleep solutions for one baby or multiples, we can work together to create a solution that will get you the restorative sleep that you and your family need. If fertility issues are getting you down, we can look at tips to increase your chances of getting pregnant and understand the medical jargon associated with IVF. If you are lucky enough to be expecting twins, we can discuss the best ways to prepare your body, mind and home for the birth.

Love from Leyla’s first ebook is now available to purchase HERE. With easy Persian recipes including the legendary rice dishes the cuisine is famous for, Persian deserts and healthy stews, it is certain to please every health conscious cook.

Immerse yourself in the flavours of traditional Persian cuisine with recipes steeped in myth and culture, stretching back through time for thousands of years. Enjoy the beautiful balance between meat, fruit, vegetables and herbs that the cuisine combines. The recipes are made only with natural ingredients, with many vegetarian, low carbohydrate and low calorie options that ensure healthy and nutritious meals for you and your family. From the palaces of Persian kings to the humble home, this ebook provides a collection of recipes that have been enjoyed for generations, merging the foreign with the familiar.


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  • The effort it takes to get these kids to the beach then keep them alive when we get here is almost enough to make me wish for winter but I shouldn't complain when our little dinosaurs are this happy! How lucky are we to live a few minutes from here? #momlife#morningtonpeninsula#melbourne
  • Happy birthday to these constant companions - Kian and Kaira! I can't believe our tiny 4 pound  #twins are 4 years old and the pictures from their special day are on lovefromleyla.com. We'd love to see you there! #momlife#boygirltwins#clickinmoms
  • Why can't I ever get a pic of us all with our eyes (a)open (b)looking at the camera and (c)smiling? 🙄 How does anyone do it??? #clickinmoms #momlife #morningtonpeninsula

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Hi I’m Leyla And I want to welcome you to a safe space to share the stories that make us who we are today, the experiences that have shaped us in the past and the tips we’ve learned that will make our lives easier in the future...