A chill in the air

Well, Australia is in for a real treat as I can honestly say that I’ve never had as many people get in touch with me about moving over here ever before! Is there something in the air over there, England? I’m really flattered whenever anyone comes to me for advice about anything as I am seriously winging it over here (if you hadn’t already guessed) and all I can be is honest! I have to confess that the bright smiles and beach backdrops of our pictures are only the tip of the iceberg in our daily lives – there’s no self-timer taking pictures of us while we’re stuck indoors because it’s raining, watching Paw Patrol for the seventeenth time that day or counting the hours until Ste gets home from work because there are no family visitors calling round breaking our days up anymore. It’s safe to say, I have moments when I love that each day is our own to make of it whatever we like with no-one to consider other than ourselves and moments when I would gladly swim home if I could just to have a cup of tea at my mums house or get a cuddle from my dad, to see my sisters or to catch up with my best mates over prosecco and laugh until our sides hurt. You can’t do any of that on Skype.

I’m not sure what happened to our luck recently either. The car we bought in a rush when we arrived here broke down for the second time just a couple of months ago and on exchanging it for a newer one, the garage told us it had ‘hail damage’ and would have to be written off (apparently if a car has been dented in a hail storm, the Victorian government render it useless – so always check the roof if you’re buying a car over here!) so that was a fair few thousand dollars down the drain – sad times. Kian in his over excitable way broke the TV last week too. He hurled a ceramic star over his shoulder that went straight into it and cracked the LCD screen, meaning we now have to replace it, which is not easy to do over here either. Gone are the days we could walk into the supermarkets back in the UK and walk out with anything from food to clothes and electricals *sigh.  The supermarkets sell nothing but food over here (not even alcohol!) and the shops seem to have an autonomy over the consumer allowing them to charge whatever they feel like, for example the TV we bought 16 months ago now costs a whopping $300 more – WHY???? There’s no price wars, no online bargains (take a look at Australian Amazon if you don’t believe me) so we are forced out onto the highstreet to have the money painfully prised from our pockets.

But despite the challenges, we only ever have to step outside and look up into the (usually) bright blue sky to remind ourselves why we made this move in the first place. It is now the equivalent of December in England and the sun has been with us most of the time in Melbourne. The kids are still out riding their bikes and scooters in nothing but hoodies every day without a care in the world and to think we would usually have to wrap them in snowsuits and boots before opening the door back in Manchester in Winter, this definitely feels easier in many respects.

IMG_2545-10 (Medium)IMG_2480-4 (Medium)IMG_2475-3 (Medium)IMG_2474-2 (Medium)Heading to the beach is still our favourite thing to do. We are so lucky to have a beautiful coastline filled with unique and wonderful beaches right on our doorstep here on the Mornington Peninsula, it feels different every time we go. Some days we pack a picnic, some days we stop for fish and chips on the way, some days we’re running back to the car to grab extra layers because there’s a chill in the air and others we’re paddling in the sea with the warm winter sun adding freckles to our faces.
IMG_2463-1 (Medium)IMG_2506-5 (Medium)

^^^It’s a good job he’s so cute so he could get away with breaking our TV^^^ Love Island is not the same when you can only see the bottom two thirds of the show! Also if you ever see a picture of Kian without food smeared on his face, you’d be shocked by now wouldn’t you? I give up!
IMG_2536-9 (Medium)^^^Taking pictures with kids, got me like…^^^
IMG_2517-7 (Medium) IMG_2513-6 (Medium)^^^All the world is a stage^^^ Kaira our little performer! Gone are the days we’d be forced into playcentres at this time of year to blow a load of cash on catching colds. The kids love running around in the open air and we love watching them burn their energy while they do it!

IMG_6267 IMG_6268 IMG_6269 IMG_6270 IMG_6271IMG_6272

And if we ever want to grab a burger then watch the sunset on the way home, we can do that too because life definitely feels like more of an adventure these days – just the five of us.

I feel honored to have visitors from around the world to this blog and during the past two years since I started writing it, I’ve met some wonderful people who have become firm friends whether that’s through bonding over raising twins, helping each other with our babies reflux issues or now sharing  a very weird but wonderful journey to the other side of the world,  I am so very grateful to have the ability to connect with you all through this platform.

I hope you’re having a lovely weekend!

Love from Leyla

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