Hi I’m Leyla

And I want to welcome you to a safe space to share the stories that make us who we are today, the experiences that have shaped us in the past and the tips we’ve learned that will make our lives easier in the future.

Three years ago I started writing a blog.  Challenges such as IVF, creating a happy home for three children under three years old and caring for babies suffering from a gastric disease (reflux) gave me a determination to share the information that I learned with people going through the same life challenges as me one day while hopefully making new friends along the way.

I started this journey on Instagram. I was approached by many truly wonderful parents who asked my advice on everything from c-sections to sleep schedules and I felt an overwhelming sense of pride and togetherness that my bumpy journey into motherhood was helping create a smoother transition for others while picking up so many helpful tips along the way too. The feedback I received inspired the blog that reached over 20,000 people in its first year.

More about me (if you want to know)

I lived in the UK for most of my life (aside from travelling with my husband for 18 months, what feels like a lifetime ago!) and we emigrated to Australia in 2016. We have three beautiful little children that we brought into the world within three years of each other (you’ll realise I don’t do things by halves!) after trying to conceive naturally for years, by taking the route of IVF.

I love cooking and my mixed English – Persian heritage inspires a lot of the meals I make for my family and is the reason I put all of our family favourites together in one place in the form of my Persian Recipe ebook. I love to keep fit (when I have the time!) and I love learning more about healthy living. I am a self-proclaimed product junkie! If there’s anything new out there that promises to make me look slimmer and my hair look fuller, there’s no doubt it will find it’s way onto my Amazon wishlist and through my front door faster than our kids manage to empty our biscuit tin!

I am beyond blessed that you have taken the time to join us today to celebrate life and the challenges that it sometimes throws at us.

Thank you for being here.


Welcome to Love from Leyla

Hi and welcome to Love from Leyla!

My family and I have recently emigrated England to Australia and we have so much to share with you about our new lives Down Under!

Whether you are looking to emigrate and would like tips on the process from an honest point of view or if you are experiencing fertility issues and want to know more about how to prepare your body for IVF treatments, have recently discovered you are pregnant with twins or a singleton and want to learn parenting plans that will ease your transition, or have a child suffering from reflux, you have come to the right place!

Love from Leyla’s first ebook is now available to purchase HERE. With easy Persian recipes including the legendary rice dishes the cuisine is famous for, Persian deserts and healthy stews, it is certain to please every health conscious cook.

Immerse yourself in the flavours of traditional Persian cuisine with recipes steeped in myth and culture, stretching back through time for thousands of years. Enjoy the beautiful balance between meat, fruit, vegetables and herbs that the cuisine combines. The recipes are made only with natural ingredients, with many vegetarian, low carbohydrate and low calorie options that ensure healthy and nutritious meals for you and your family. From the palaces of Persian kings to the humble home, this ebook provides a collection of recipes that have been enjoyed for generations, merging the foreign with the familiar.


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