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I can only assume excitement got the better of our logic when we were planning moving to Australia, particularly when we imagined improvements to our health and you know the phrase, ‘ASSUME makes an ASS out of U and ME’ well I think it’s pretty fitting right now. I’m sitting here with my nose streaming and feeling really weak while a winter virus gets the better of me as it has the kids over the past few weeks (seriously, we just can’t seem to shake this thing!!!) and going back to my first statement, we thought colds like this would be less common when we moved over here but this being our second winter, I can safely say – we were wrong!

One thing I’ve learned is that virus’s are the same the world over and I can only dream of the kids ever picking up their toys as quickly as they pick up bugs and sharing their toys as easily as they share their bugs too for that matter! Flu season in Melbourne is very much exactly how it was back in Manchester with the receptionist at the doctors surgery recognising my voice on the phone because I ring for appointments that often and Nurofen for Kids still costing me more than wine.

Just before we took our turn for the worst, we did take a trip out last weekend to a place the kids were excited about reopening it’s doors since New Year – Santa’s Place in Moorooduc. It’s a really cute Christmas shop that’s open from July through to the end of the year and if you can embrace sparkly fairy lights and festive songs in August, you will feel like you’re winning at life while the kids run around in a safely enclosed play area and you enjoy a well stocked cafe. Here are some pictures from our visit if you’d like to see.

^^^Luckily Ariana believed that the Christmas stock wasn’t for sale just yet, so we dodged a few hundred dollar bullets!^^^

^^^As you can see, I’m no face painter but if your kids ever want to turn into a pussy cat like our beautiful Kaira does regularly, eyeliner could be all you need!^^^

^^^No, Kian didn’t manage to convince us to bring this home, despite how hard he tried being so cute about it!^^^

The kids were literally in awe as they walked around the well stocked rooms gazing at the pretty features and discussing their ever expanding Christmas lists (*INSERT eye roll emoticon) but we managed to encourage them outside into the play area so we could get some fresh air and a hot drink.

^^^Hearing squeals of happiness while we sat and enjoyed tea and scones, what more could we want on a Sunday afternoon?^^^

^^^Our beautiful Ariana, adamant mummy no longer has any say whatsoever in what she wears and always so full of life, laughter and energy! She loved seeing the 10 acres of ‘baby’ Christmas trees growing in the beautiful winter sunshine, already picking out the one she wanted us to buy in December!^^^

^^^Kian, always full of mischief, curiosity and imagination. The world is one big adventure for our gorgeous young man and I’ve got a feeling we will spend our lives trying to keep up with his exploration of it!^^^

^^^The twins are getting far too big for me to hold like this but I still have to be ready when they both want ‘mummy huggles’ at the same time. Despite how challenging it was to get everyone to stay still for the full 5 seconds while Ste took the picture, it makes me feel very lucky when I see our 3 precious babies together!^^^

^^^The food menu was great for a little lunch and the kids enjoyed a really fresh salad box for just $7.50 each (actually eating their vegetables and asking for more, I know – AMAZING!)^^^

IMG_3776-32 (Medium)IMG_3787-36 (Medium)

As the sun was shining, we decided to drive to Mornington where the atmosphere always makes us feel like we’re on holiday and not in our local town. We sat outside Vespas and let the kids enjoy some traditional Italian gelato while the wind blew the girls hair all over it and we wished we’d seen the Peroni on the menu before they finished eating it.

Don’t forget you can subscribe to notifications of new blog posts by email on the home page and I’m really hoping our virus’s leave us quickly so we can share some more fun on the Peninsula with you soon. Have a happy and healthy weekend!

Love from Leyla

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