It’s been a year to the day…

…since we celebrated Ariana’s fifth birthday with most of our family and friends back home in Manchester. It’s also a year to the day since we said goodbye to everyone we knew and loved before travelling to live in Australia a few days later. You read a blog post about the amazing time we spent celebrating with our favourite people here and the love that filled the room on that day still warms my soul when I’m missing home to this day – a year to the day.

So here it is! I finally got around to uploading a montage of the goodbye messages that some people left for us at the party and we are so very grateful our loved ones took the time. This really put a smile on our faces today, hope it will for you too.

I know I haven’t been in touch much, life is getting in the way and I feel busier than ever but I promise I have heaps to share with you about our adventures in emigrating again really soon. Thank you for being there!

Love from Leyla

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