Kian and Kaira are 4!

I never know where to begin when it comes to wishing a happy birthday to any of our tiny trio! The days feel so long sometimes but the years are starting to feel shorter than ever as we say goodbye to the toddler years and hello to our FOUR YEAR OLD preschoolers (I know, how did that happen?!) We heard Kian wake up with “Kaira we are 4!!” last Saturday morning and we knew that marked the start of a very special (and very, very, very busy) day!

It feels like only yesterday Ariana was the same age as the twins (the pictures are here) and we noticed a massive transition from baby to big girl. Time is flying by but not a day goes by when I don’t wonder what I did to get so lucky to have 3 beautiful constant companions!

The twins teach us more about their special bond every day with Kian asserting himself into the role of protector telling Kaira things like “remember I’m here if you need me in the night” and letting her win the games they play (because it’s a lot easier than dealing with Kaira when she’s angry, which is good practice for his married life one day) and Kaira reminding Kian how to tidy away his toys, put his shoes on before he goes outside and to “be quiet Kian!” to give her a chance to speak now and again (he honestly never stops talking). They’re both such different characters but one thing they do the same is to ensure they are always by each other’s side whether that’s while they’re sitting on a plane or simply on the sofa.

We really are so proud of all of our kids and even though we complain about the cost of their parties, we still seem to keep throwing them every time their birthdays come around! These are the pictures from Kian and Kaira’s special day, if you’d like to see.

IMG_4815 (Large)-2IMG_4819 (Large)-3IMG_4822 (Large)-4

Ariana insisted on buying her sister this little lipgloss compact in the shape of a mobile phone. I’m not sure if it was for Kaira’s benefit or her own because of course she had to have one too!

IMG_4835 (Large)-6

The kids were so lucky to get presents and cards from our friends and family back home before we came back to Melbourne and they opened each with excitement as we read them the messages from our loved ones.

IMG_4876 (Large)-9IMG_4864 (Large)-8IMG_4860 (Large)-73-3

Although the twins have worked out weird and wonderful ways to antagonise each other and make my blood pressure soar whenever they feel like it, the friendship between them is extraordinary. They play together for 12 hours every day and we still have to tell them it’s time to stop playing and go to sleep at night. They are so close and we hope they always will be.

IMG_4918 (Large)-12IMG_4919 (Large)-13IMG_4914 (Large)-11IMG_4902 (Large)-104-1

We held the party at Steeples in Mornington as we were in England right up until a week before the big day. It was a great location to let the kids run riot while we sipped necked bubbles with our friends and someone else took care of the cooking and cleaning (WINNING!)

The twins chose a PJ Masks themed cake as it’s their favourite cartoon and it’s also our go-to show when mummy needs ‘a little sit down in peace for 5 minutes’ (or 45 minutes if we play them back to back). A cake maker from My Cake Craze (on Facebook) came up with this design for us. I would have voted for a little less food colouring if given the choice but hey, I didn’t have to make it and the fact that the kids had toxic looking toilet trips for a few days later is far less important than that.

2-2IMG_4945 (Large)-16IMG_4963 (Large)-17IMG_4970 (Large)-18IMG_4937 (Large)-14

Face painting and a playcentre, what more could the kids want on their birthday!

IMG_5043 (Large)-24IMG_5037 (Large)-23IMG_5031 (Large)-22IMG_4999 (Large)-215-5IMG_5064 (Large)-25IMG_5066 (Large)-26

The staff at Steeples provided pass the parcel for the kids to enjoy, although the rest of the customers probably didn’t enjoy the noise they all made while the game was taking place. I don’t think they’ll be putting whistles in the parcels anymore, put it that way!

IMG_5087 (Large)-28IMG_5076 (Large)-27IMG_5095 (Large)-29IMG_5102 (Large)-30

We loved sharing the special day with the friends we’ve made here on the Mornington Peninsula and although we missed lots of people back in the UK, we are so, so blessed to have such beautiful people in our lives right here and now. The twins were so happy when we got home, opening the amazing gifts they’d been given and we were so happy to not have the aftermath of a kids party to clean up after! Everyone was a winner!

It really was a wonderful day and I really can’t believe our kids are now 6 and 4 years old. Where is the time going?!

Thank you for being there!

Love from Leyla

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