Our trip to Torquay

Well, after two years of moving to Melbourne, we have just enjoyed our first family holiday in Australia. No, not because it’s taken us that long to save up (though the cost of living here would warrant that) but because we didn’t feel a need to get away until recently.

The great thing about taking a break in Melbourne, is the schools relaxed attitude to attendance, giving parents the respect that we know what’s best for our kids without the fear of fines that are dished out back in the U.K. Ariana discussed with her teacher that she would continue her reading and journal her adventure to share with the class, so off we went to the Great Ocean Road to a town called Torquay.

You know me by now, I’ve got heaps of pictures to share with you. We really had the best time, just driving two hours from home while the kids played with their ipads in the back and we lost one of their scooters from the roof on the highway (someone hadn’t strapped it on tight enough and it wasn’t me because I can’t reach that high!) but aside from that, we had a fantastic family adventure. Here is a movie I made for us to enjoy with the kids as the years go by, if you’d like to see.

We had such a fun time and the kids haven’t stopped talking about it since! And their favourite bit as you can hear in the film, was “the bunk beds”! Thanks for having us Torquay Caravan Park! Until next time!

Love from Leyla

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