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I don’t usually write a blog post when we go out to watch a movie but as it’s the winter holidays here in Melbourne, I thought I should share a fun activity that will allow you to sit down for a couple of hours if you’re in the area! Our kids had worked so hard to achieve all of the stickers on their reward charts over the past month, so we took them out to watch Despicable Me 3 at Southland Shopping Centre’s Village Cinema and what an experience it was!


^^^The kids are rewarded for staying in bed until the sun is on their Gro Clock, feeding the cat and playing nicely amongst other things!^^^

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The cinema is unlike one we’ve never been to before! On entrance, there’s a foyer with activities such as the Mega Blocks Wall, Hot Wheels race car tracks and pictures they could draw then scan into a computer and watch them come alive on a huge projection wall.

IMG_2929 (Medium)IMG_2931 (Medium)IMG_2913-1IMG_2935 (Medium)

For half an hour before the film and ten minutes during the interval, the kids could literally run wild. We got to sit in the super comfy chairs and watch them hurl themselves down the huge slide and dance on an interactive mat getting their wriggles out before they had to sit down! As soon as the movie started, the lights were dimmed and we were thrilled that there were no adverts to endure!

IMG_2952-1 (Medium)

^^^The kids were pretty excited with their new light-up shoes when the cinema went dark!^^^IMG_2909 (Medium) Image

As part of the package, the kids were treated to food of their choice (we went for pizza!) a milkshake and a box of popcorn. There was even a coffee cart for parents so we didn’t have to drag the kids with us for refreshments.

_ (Medium)

^^^Just because the slide was closed, doesn’t mean someone didn’t find a way to get down the steps faster than us!^^^

The film was great, we all laughed all the way through it. The package was $27 per child including their food so it wasn’t cheap but if you can get past that and concentrate on the fact that you’re actually sitting down it’s well worth it! It’s a great ‘carrot to dangle’ if you’re looking for good behavior during your winter holidays too.

Hope you have a good one, good luck from us!

Love from Leyla

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