My recipes are made only with natural ingredients, with many vegetarian, low carbohydrate and low calorie options that ensure healthy and nutritious meals for you and your family


Immerse yourself in the flavours of traditional Persian cuisine with recipes steeped in myth and culture, stretching back through time for thousands of years. Enjoy the beautiful balance between meat, fruit, vegetables and herbs that the cuisine combines


From the palaces of Persian kings to the humble home, this collection of recipes has been used in my family for generations and now I’ve adapted them to merge the foreign with the familiar

If you are familiar with my blog, you will know that I am from both British and Persian heritage and so I have always been fascinated by the beautiful food of my ancestors. In the first year of writing my blog, I shared many Persian recipes that became incredibly popular with the 20,000 friends that visited us, which only served to reinforce my own opinion that the food of my ancestors is a global treasure waiting to be discovered. So began my quest to put all of my family’s favourite recipes into a book that could be accessible to every health conscious cook.

From the palaces of Persian kings to the humble home…

The Persian Empire once spanned three continents and is considered the largest in ancient history. As a result, the unique flavours associated with Persian food take influence from ancient Greece, Rome, the Mediterranean and India, with interesting spices present in many modern recipes. But it’s not just this impressive blend of the foreign and the familiar that has had me intrigued over the years. Since being blessed with three beautiful children, like most parents, I have developed a keen interest in the health benefits of the food that I make for my family and so have put my findings together in this book.


Dear Friend,

Welcome to Love from Leyla and the first book of recipes I am bringing to you!

My grandmother had eight children (my dad being one of them) and throughout her life until the sad day that she passed, the whole family gathered in her home to enjoy her legendary versions of the traditional Persian staples that influenced many of the recipes that I am bringing to you today.

In the creation of this book, I have been incredibly lucky to have the assistance of my cousin Mahsa who lives in the capital of Iran, Tehran. Mahsa has many talents, preparing the most delicious meals for her family is just one of them and I am so very grateful that she took the time to share her tips with us so that we can achieve the same level of expertise that she has perfected over the years.

The pictures included are from our homes without the use of enhanced photography, in the hope that they show the true end product that following the recipes will allow you to achieve in your own kitchen. For me, the most interesting aspect of Persian cuisine is the adoption of the ancient Greek principle that disease is caused by the fundamental imbalance of the body’s opposing qualities such as wetness/dryness and hot/cold. These principles are still taken into consideration today in many of the Persian recipes that I am bringing to you with this book and careful thought over the benefit to the body in eating the meals detailed here-in has been taken to ensure that each dish is both delicious and nutritious.

I have always been passionate about cooking and now I am a parent to three beautiful children, I’ve become increasingly interested in creating healthy meals that my whole family can enjoy. I love nothing more than watching their faces light up as they devour their fresh food, knowing that what they are eating is not only delicious but also healthy and nutritious.

This timeless cuisine can now be yours to enjoy!

Are you looking for inspiration to create exciting new meals in the comfort of your own home? Are you ready to open your mind to combinations of herbs and spices that have been created for the kings and queens of an empire that once spanned three continents?

Then JOIN ME in a journey eastward!

Easy To Prepare

All of my recipes are planned with having young children to care for in mind. The only problem you may encounter is their impatience when they smell the amazing aromas filling your house – WARNING – they may want their food fast!

Made With Fresh Ingredients

Persian cooking is based on fresh ingredients, enhanced with natural herbs and spices – no artificial flavours or preservatives. Many vegetarian and low-carbohydrate options are included and all dishes can be served with low calorie salads on the side.

Tasty For Your Children

If my children love them, yours will love them too. If you’ve been following our journey on my blog, you’ve probably seen how my children adore all of the recipes I have included and thus get their nutrients from a wide range of fruits, vegetables and healthy meats.