Settling in the sunshine

It’s safe to say we are fickle! As much as I hesitated and procrastinated getting on that flight back from the UK, the sun has put on such a wonderful display over the past few days that I’m feeling happy to be back in Melbourne!

We flew Emirates to Dubai then Quantas to Melbourne on Tuesday afternoon. I’m not going to lie, those final farewells were awful but the flights themselves were more manageable than we expected. Despite getting lost and being the last to board our connecting flight at Dubai airport due to the enormous size of the place, the kids were exceptionally good (sleeping for 10 hours!) and even though the food was AWFUL, the snacks we packed kept us going.

The jetlag has been much harder travelling against the sun and we’ve had some very disrupted nights (even starting our day at 3am on Thursday) and as much as I love the kids, reliving the exhaustion of when the twins were newborn is a phobia I can’t revisit. Thankfully last night, we all slept right through and we met the beautiful day with renewed enthusiasm for our Australian adventure.

My lovely friend Kristie invited us to join her at The Briars today as it is host to a Family Funday on the last Sunday of every month. What a lovely surpise it was to find live music, hot chips and cold beer in the grounds of the historical homestead with stunning surrounding views of the Peninsula.

IMG_4537 (Large)-8

As soon as the kids got out of the car, off they ran and played in the 25 degree sunshine. I don’t know if it’s the return from England or the fact that Spring has just arrived in Melbourne but we couldn’t get over the colour of the sky today – just look at that bright blue!IMG_4420 (Large)-1

I am pretty lucky to be thrust every flower the kids see (even if some do ‘accidentally’ get blown away by the wind ;)) I know it’s a passing phase so I’m treasuring their little gifts! IMG_4470 (Large)-3

The atmosphere was so lively, we thoroughly enjoyed feeling part of the buzzing local community.

IMG_4508 (Large)-3

The food trucks at all the outdoor events we go to are so good! They can be a bit pricey ($7 for a very small glass of wine and $6 for the potato twists today) but access to the Briars is completely free and we decided the next time we go, we’ll take our own refreshments! Thank you Kristie for recommending the event and for rescuing my kids from sunburn with sunscreen! I really need to get used to packing that everywhere we go again!

While the girls made their way to the craft tent to make Halloween bats from paper plates (another free activity), Kian made the most of the frisbees, balls and skittles available on the lawn. They were all happily entertained so Ste and I kicked off our shoes with a glass of cold beer and contemplated the contrast between the Sunday afternoons we spend here and the ones spent back in Manchester. It really is a more outdoors lifestyle here in Australia and there’s no doubt that the kids absolutely revel in it.

IMG_4548 (Large)-14 IMG_4547 (Large)-12 IMG_4614 (Large)-1

After a couple of hours, we made our way back down the hill to the Visitors Centre. The kids love learning about the different types of animals roaming around the enclosure and even though we missed the Emu’s, they were happy looking out for ducks and other various types of birds.

IMG_4567 (Large)-19 IMG_4608 (Large)-1 IMG_4607 (Large)-1

If you haven’t guessed, the twins have had new bikes for their upcoming 4th birthday presents. We bought them yesterday and they haven’t been off them since, waking us up early shouting “we want to ride our bikes!”

IMG_4600 (Large)-1

We had a lovely afternoon at The Briars then came home and after a Persian dinner, the kids were right back outside again running around with water guns in the garden while new freckles appeared on their cheeks and our worries about returning to Melbourne melted in the heat. It feels good to be back, whether that’s fickle or not!

Love from Leyla

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