We ❤️ Manchester

It was a hugely humbling experience being back at the MEN Arena last week, not only because we were back at the heart of the city we love but because of the terrible tragedy that we witnessed unfold only a few months ago.

The Manchester bomb shook me to my very core when we watched the news from our home in Melbourne and we felt a pull back to our homeland stronger than ever before and despite the half empty Arena, we were very proud to support our city and indulge the kids in a whole lot of Disney on Ice!

The kids sat through the whole two hour production and we were all amazed by the stunts the performers did on the ice! The choreography and light show was pretty amazing and and we all agreed it’s something we’re glad we did during our visit!

Another favourite activity we’ve managed to squeeze in during our holiday at home was a visit to the Chill FactorE. One of the things the kids have told us that they miss about England is the snow (they’re on their own there!) so when Ste’s parents offered to take them, we jumped at the chance not only to watch them all have fun together but to stay warm indoors while they sledged and spun in the minus four temperature!

They came spinning down the slopes in doughnuts, sledges and burrowed through tunnels in the ice until their little noses turned red and their craving for snow play was satisfied!

We had a little look around the Trafford Centre on our way home and despite my longing to accumulate some summer sale bargains, I was dragged to the water fountain, Pizza Hut and strangely enough into Lush so the kids could play with the bath bombs! I suppose I can wait for our next visit to England to grab some bargains!

Manchester has been a lot of fun for us and the kids during this break, it hasn’t helped my missing home at all!

Will share more very soon.

Love from Leyla

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