We got them good!

Well, last night was the first we all slept through until 7am so it’s safe to say our jetlag has finally subsided! Those 4am starts were not great for our energy or morale and I think I’ve been in even more of a daze than usual as we’ve darted around from house to house visiting our family and friends. What a whirlwind our first few days in England have been!

It is the most wonderful feeling being in Manchester again and the love that we’ve felt in every tight squeeze we’ve been given has been recharging our batteries after running on empty for the past few months. We have been having the most amazing time in Melbourne and the kids are already talking about their plans for when we return to the beautiful Spring sunshine we left behind but the need to see our loved ones became all consuming for me so we booked our flights and here we are!

One of the highlights of the past few days has been surprising my grandparents with our visit. We hadn’t told them we were coming so the looks on their faces was priceless! My childhood would not have been the same without their love and affection and most of my happiest memories of growing up involve being in their home surrounded by my cousins, aunties, uncles and parents. I don’t think I’ll ever forget how good it felt to be back in their arms and here’s a film if you’d like to see…

I hope they’ve forgiven me for the shock! We have such a busy time ahead of us with so many people we want to see before our holiday at home is over. I am going to cherish every moment.

Can’t wait to share more with you soon!

Love from Leyla

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